Thursday, May 15, 2014


We’re pretty close to melting after four insanely hot days. Once again, we did try to get a little outdoor time early in the morning, but the rest of the day we stayed inside being grateful for air-conditioning. We didn’t have that when I first came to Third Street School, many years before these students were born.

Most of the day was pretty productive but not all that thrilling. We checked, corrected, and discussed homework. We read the last chapter of By the Great Horn Spoon!  The romantic ending - the butler Praiseworthy marries the semi-impoverished aristocrat Miss Arabella in California - had the students pretending to be appalled, but, of course, they really liked it. We discussed the causes of World War II and its effect on California. 

The most fun thing we did was to start exploring electricity by talking about static electricity. The hot dry weather was pretty good for showing how electrons can transfer from hair to a balloon and create a negative-to-positive attraction. 


Homework:  Students had a lot of time this afternoon to finish a bunch of assignments. Many are finished, but a few are still doing one or two. 

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