Friday, May 09, 2014

On Stage

Other than a trip to the library this morning, we spent most of the day today in the auditorium practicing the play. It’s getting pretty good, but there are a lot of rough edges to smooth out. That’s what we worked on today. I was generally pretty proud of the work our room nineteen students did - they’ve come a long way since we started this in January.


We finished the day in Dermoudy Court with a pep rally for our upcoming 90th Anniversary Party for the school. A big thanks to all the families who have contributed to our booth. I am confident we will have one of the very best there. We had some special guests for today. Fred - a famous YouTube guy - and Debby Ryan, one of the stars of Jessie, a Disney channel show. You should have heard the screaming. My ears are still ringing!


Homework:  Have a great weekend!

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