Thursday, February 06, 2014

More "Mockery"

We started out today with the students writing down some ideas in their journals on how to protect themselves form earthquake injury.  We went on to check homework. We read the final selection for the week in Treasures and we went on to practice Annie for a bit.

After recess, we continued our investigation with the mock rocks. Today the students broke their mock rocks apart and separate them into pieces. The reason for this, they’ll learn later, is that rock are all composed of a variety of minerals and other materials. It’s part of what makes a rock a rock.


After they did this, they put a bit of the crumbly material from the rock into a vial and filled it with 25 milliliters of water.

Tomorrow they will be taking some of this liquid and putting in into an evaporation dish. Monday, they will look at the crystals. All of this will help them to infer the materials, the “minerals,” that form their mock rock.

The afternoon was spent working on learning to order integers. Sometimes this confuses students, but this year we have such a smart class that they all grasped it right away. 

As I am not that keen on riding a bike in the rain, I gave them some time to get started on homework so I could leave at 2:30 without any pangs of guilt.

Homework:  (1) Write a half page summary of Earth Dragon. Copy the questions on page 497 and answer in complete sentences. There will be a quiz on the stories tomorrow. (2) Do the Mixed Numbers 4 review sheet. There will be a quiz on this tomorrow as well. (3) Do pages 340-341 in the math book. 

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