Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Making Up for Lost Time

I seem to have missed posting yesterday’s work. I guess I was just so excited about our faculty meeting. As the kids would say - not!

Yesterday the students continued work on their surveys in Tech Center. They learned how to computer the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data. Pretty impressive for fourth grade, isn’t it? We started reading a really great story in the Treasures book about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.


We also started our earth science unit yesterday. The students will be studying rocks and minerals, and their first investigation was observing a “mock rock,” a fake rock.


Finally on Tuesday we started a new unit in math on integers, introducing the students to the concept of negative numbers.

Today we began by journaling about a time when we were scared. The students had the option of writing a fictional account here, and some of the entries were quite creative. We checked homework and finished reading “Earth Dragon.” We discussed comparing negative numbers. Usually many of the students find the idea that -100 is SMALLER than -99 confusing, but not our students. They grasped the concept right away. We also read about and discussed the Mexican-American War and its impact on California.

As I have a dentist appointment today and cannot stay for homework club, I gave the students the last 45 minutes to get homework done. With luck, many of them will have a free evening.

Homework:  (1) Do the final draft of the five paragraph essay on Third Street School, past, present, and future. This needs to be in cursive, of course. (2) Do Mixed Number Review 3. (3) Do “Comparing Integers,” pages 338-339 in the math book. (4) Do the “Mexican War” study sheet. 


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