Friday, January 25, 2013

Rachmaninoff and Rain

It was a gray quiet day here in room 19 today. We started out right away with the library. Mrs. Sartori was good enough to allow us to come about 25 minutes early because of the assembly schedule. She gave a short lesson to the students and they checked out books.


From there we went over to the auditorium where some young performers from the Colburn School serenaded us. The music was mostly late Romantic – Rachmaninoff and Bruch – and it seemed just perfect for the overcast, slightly melancholic weather.


The young violinist was particularly good.


Students had an opportunity to ask questions to the musicians.


After our recess, the students worked on circuits in Science, They were given a challenge – using one battery, make two bulbs light at the same time. They were quite clever here and most groups discovered how to make a simple circuit pretty quickly.


The students were then given a follow up challenge – find another way to make the two bulbs light. This allowed them to discover a parallel circuit where each bulb has a separate pathway to the d-cell.


The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. We took spelling, reading, and math skills tests. We finished watching Willy Wonka. They went to Health class with Mrs. Choi where they created a food pyramid. IMG_1128

Homework:  Only do pages 261-262 and 264-265 in the math book. There will be a chapter test on Monday.

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