Thursday, January 10, 2013


Brrr! It's rare that the day seems to get colder from early morning to noon, but today seemed to be that day. Still, our students managed to stay pretty warm as they continued learning.

In Science today we investigated the idea of conductors and insulators.

IMG 1098

The students made a "conductor detector" by creating an open circuit with a switch. They closed the connected the open ends of the circuit to different materials like the sheet of copper shown in the picture below and then check if the motor would run when they closed the switch. 

IMG 1097

They were conductors of another sort, I suppose, when they finished their rhythmic patterns and started practicing them. A few students performed their rhythmic compositions for the class today; the rest will do so tomorrow. 

IMG 1096

In addition to all this, we finished "Uncle Romie", read some more of Stone Fox, and studied fractions in simplest form.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words five times each in cursive. Also write a sentence for each word in cursive. The spelling words are bedspread, undergrowth, gentleman, clothesline, and undertake. Also do the spelling word search. (2) Do "Summarize" and "Think and Compare" on page 391. The summary should be about half a page. The questions should be answered in complete sentences. This will be collected and graded. (4) Do “Irregular Verbs” pp 189-190 in Practice book. (5) Do the Factors 4 worksheet. (6) Do "Factors in Simplest Form" on pages 234-235 of the math book and "Parts of a Region" on the back of the answer sheet. 

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