Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A big thank you to all the parents who came to last night's meeting. I thought it was really productive. Please do send me an email with your name and your child's name so I can set you up on the gradebook.

We did have a busy day in room 19. We started out with our journals, and then went on to reviewing the story from the new reader. We worked on sentence types and developing inferences as we read. After recess, we check our terrariums again. The students were delighted to see almost everything starting to grow. We also read about the rain forests. We will be developing our compare and contrast skills with rain forests and deserts over the next couple days.

After lunch, we read the climactic fourth grade of Island of the Blue Dolphins where the residents of Ghalas-at fight the more heavily armed Aleuts and suffer terrible losses. We are starting to look at rhythm in music. We did our afternoon mixing and we talked about making lists and tables in math. The math pages are challenging tonight, but since tomorrow is the test, concentrate on the review pages.

Homework:  (1) Do “Make and Organized List,” pages 16-17 and “Test Prep” pages 18-19. Of this section, the "Test Prep" is the most important part. Don't spend too much time on pages 16 and 17.  (2) Do “Tropical Rain Forests” study questions. (3) Write sentences for spelling words 1-10. (4) Do “Addition with Regrouping 3." Also be sure that the summary for “My Diary:  From Here to There” is finished as soon as possible. It does not necessarily have to be done tonight. 

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