Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Long Tuesday

Today was our last late Tuesday. The professional development schedule,with the 1:30 dismissal, starts next week.

We read the "Ali Baba Bernstein" story today as well as working more on subject and predicate. The students are learning about California landforms with Mr. Pratt while I planted terrariums today with his students. I hope they come at as well as ours did!

Since we had the extra time today, we started an art project. The skill in today's art lesson was life drawing from different points of view. A number of the classes were on the yard for teacher release time, so our students went out to watch them play.

As they played, out students carefully observed and drew them.

Tomorrow they will convert these plain-aire sketches into pen and ink drawings. 

Homework:   (1) Do "Using Mental Math to Add and Subtract," pages 29-30 and "Algebra," page 31. Look at the three strategies on page 28 to understand "compensation," "breaking apart," and "counting on" strategies. Also do "Mental Puzzles" on the back of the answer sheet. (2) Do the word jumble on this week's spelling words. (3) Do "Subtracting with Regrouping 2".

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