Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today was our first session in the Tech Center. The students were given an orientation to the computer lab by Ms Richards. They learned her policies and procedures and she talked to them about some materials which may be helpful to have for Tech Center. They then created a user profile in the Mavis Beacon typing program and worked on using home keys.

After lunch, I gave them time to work on the "final drafts" of yesterday's art project. At 1:00, they went to their different "mixing" areas:  art, drama, or physical education. In math, we are continuing out work with estimation and mental math. This is usually the hardest chapter of the entire year for students and definitely the least fun for me to teach. If it weren't so darn important a life skill I'd happily skip it!

Homework:  (1) Do "Estimate Sums and Differences," pages 32-33 in the enVision Math book. (2) Write a sentence for each of the twenty spelling words. Students have the list from Monday. (3) Do "Subtraction with Regrouping 3." (4) Do "Camping Trip" on the back of the math answer sheet.

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