Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thursdays are usually art day in room 19, and today was no exception. We are in our unit on Color right now, and today we talked about how our eyes blend individual colors into hues. This led us to a discussion of Georges Seurat and the technique of pointillism. I showed the students a couple of his most famous works, and then we decided to do a bit of our own pointillism.

As with the great French master, distance tends to blend the points together into a scene with some depth.

Many of the students are not finished with their paintings yet, so we'll have a little more time to work on these tomorrow.

In addition to the art, we did the usual school things. We checked, corrected, and discussed homework. We read another chapter of By the Great Horn Spoon! They went to Mr. Pratt for History while his class came to me for Science. In math, we continued our work on fractions and decimals.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words ten times each in cursive and do one sentence in cursive for each word. The words are balance, whistle, clamor, scoundrel, rogue, and ooze. (2) Do "Sea Routes." Students should use the maps in the back of their history books to help with this. (3) Do the By the Great Horn Spoon! study sheet for chapter 3. (4) Do pages 282-283 in the math book. Also do "Bright Ideas" on the back of the answer sheet.

There will be a spelling test tomorrow and a quiz over the first three chapters of Horn Spoon.

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