Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We explored the relationship between magnetism and electricity today. I showed the students a large rivet and showed them that it could not pick up steel washers. I then touched a bar magnet to the same rivet, and suddenly the rivet could pick up the washers. I challenged the students to figure out a way to make a rivet magnetic without using a magnet. Each group had a circuit base, a switch, a couple wires, and a D-cell. With an occasional prompt, the groups discovered electromagnets.

We'll be doing more with electricity and magnetism throughout the week. We then went to Music. Mr. Lawton began by demonstrating the banjo and having the students make up lyrics to "Streets of Laredo".

This led them to working in songwriting partnerships. They'll be doing some more with these songs as Mr. Lawton's program continues.

After recess, we finished reading the "Shadow of a Bull" story. After lunch, we concluded our short math chapter on adding and subtracting fractions. Tomorrow there will be a test over Topic 10 and there will also be another chance at the Topic 9 test. Students should review everything in both chapters about fractions because the grades on the last test were not that great overall and they have a fantastic chance to improve their scores tomorrow.

Homework:  (1) Do the spelling words 10 times each and use each one in a sentence. The words are feeble, listlessly, bandage, gauze, and scrubbed. (2) Do "Using Reading Strategies" paper with the post-it notes. (3) Do "Draw a Picture and Write an Equation" pages 261-262 in the math book. Also to "Test Prep" on pages 264-265 in the same book. Also do "Crazy Quilt" on the back of the answer sheet.

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