Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working Hard!

It was a pretty fast day here in room 19 today, and quite a productive one, too. We began by correcting our homework. As I said yesterday, I am quite pleased by how seriously the students are taking this responsibility. We reviewed the elements of story like setting, character, and plot, and then we went on to doing a variety of follow up assignments related to the Frisby story. After recess, we did some reading relating to different environments, particularly deserts. The FOSS Science series does not have much written material, but what is there is quite densely written. I find the students have to read and re-read it to gain the vocabulary and concepts, and so I prepare quite detailed study questions to help them do this. They had a chance to start on this.

In music today we began our exploration of how beat and rhythm are present in words. The students finished brainstorming words related to food, and then working in groups of two to four they created 8 bar phrases. We will continue with this tomorrow and add the really fun element of body percussion to it, too.

After lunch we corrected our math homework and went out again to PE so we could work on the procedures of color groups and rotations. In Math, we explored the idea of comparing and ordering larger numbers.

Homework:  Most of the homework today is to finish work which was started in class. It should not be too extensive despite the large number of papers if they worked hard during class time. (1) Review spelling words for tomorrow's test. (2) Finish the Open Court Reading packet. (3) Finish the "Deserts" study questions. (4) Do "Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers," envision Math pages 11-13 and the "Follow the Leader" page on the back of the answer sheet.

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