Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Start!

Welcome! We had a great first day of class in room 19! I can tell it's going to be a great year. I'm very excited! Can't you tell from all the exclamation marks?

We did some usual first day things. Students filled out interest inventories to help me get to know them better. They took pretests in reading and math so I can have a better sense of their skills in these critical areas. We spent a lot of time going over basic procedures like entering and exiting the room, lining up after recess and lunch, getting paper and sharpening pencils. Not very interesting stuff, but having these procedures learned makes the class work smoothly for the rest of the year.

We did some fun things, too. The students interviewed a partner and wrote a paragraph about their partner. They also drew portraits of their partners. They worked hard on these and many of them are really quite good as you can see.

As I mentioned to many of you this morning, we are having a special meeting for parents next Tuesday, September 21, at 5:00 pm. Please try to be there:  a really successful school year starts with good communication right from the beginning.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words in syllables on a separate sheet of paper. For example, for the first word, auburn, on the paper the students should write au-burn. (2) Do the cursive review sheet.

Parents also need to sign the teacher letter and the library permission slip. Please turn the emergency cards in as soon as possible. 

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