Monday, September 20, 2010

Switching Off

Again, we had a nice productive day in room 19. We started out by checking and correcting our homework. Although most of the students had everything, there were a number of students who were missing much or most of the work. It's not a problem to occasionally miss a day of homework, but those students who consistently do not have their homework or do not finish it usually also score poorly on their tests and other major assessment. Once our online gradebook is up and running I will let parents know if there is a problem.

I let the students get a head start on a couple of tonight's assignments while I worked with some of the groups to measure the growth in their terrariums.

We went to the auditorium after this to hear Miss Limb discuss the Student Council and elections for this important body with the fourth grade classes.

After recess, our class went to Mr. Pratt and the students from room 7 came to me. I am going to be teaching Science and Music to both classes; he will be teaching Social Studies and Drama to both groups. I think this will be a great opportunity for the students, and it went quite smoothly today. We will be switching off by the week so they will have History all this week.

After lunch, we checked math and then went out to PE. Our students have pretty much mastered the Physical Education procedures so we are now starting to work with them on very specific skills. As usual, we finished the day with Math.

Homework:  (1) Finish the "Search and Circle" page in the Open Court packet. This is really easy. Also finish the "Vocabulary" pages in the same handouts. (3) Finish the Science vocabulary crossword. This is the most difficult assignment. Be sure to use the number of letters and already completed words as clues. (4) Do "Make and Organized List," envision Math, pages 16-17. Also do the "Test Prep" on pages 18-19. The test over Topic 1 will be given tomorrow.

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