Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Y’all Would Have Had a Good Time

Today we spoke with a Texas twang in room 19. This week’s story in our reader is called “Josh McBroom and the Big Wind.” It is a tall tale about surviving the winds of the southern prairies. It’s a great story fun of lots of silly exaggerations. And, best of all, it sound best read with a bit of an accent. And we had a wonderful time readin’ and talkin’ about it. Y’all would have thought it funny.

We also did some math, and we checked and discussed our homework.

Our California native plant garden is doing quite well. Another big thank you to Alysoun Higgins and Laura Salwet for helping us with this project. I just noticed a new blossom this morning. Isn’t it pretty?


Homework: (1) Do spelling words 11-20. Some of these words may unfamiliar to some students, so feel free to use a dictionary or talk to an adult. (2) Do the “McBroom” study questions. Use the page numbers to help find the correct answer. (3) Do the “Tall Tales” and “Author’s Purpose” study sheets. (4) Do “Same Perimeter, Different Areas,” Math, pages 368-369. (5) Do the double digit division worksheet.

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Anonymous said...

The garden looks fantastic! I'm thrilled at how well it's coming in. The strawberries are even sending out babies that have started to take root. This is all due to your tender care.

I just wish Room 5's garden was doing as well. I fear my promise of homemade pizza made with the class grown tomatoes will not come true...