Monday, April 26, 2010


We had a pleasant day in room 19 today. The students spent much of the early part of the morning, after our independent reading time, exploring metaphor and hyperbole. We did this for a couple reasons. One, it identifying figurative language and hyperbole is a standard which will be tested on next month’s test. Two, and probably more important for me, it helps get the students ready for reading “McBroom and The Big Wind,” a tall tale which is this week’s story in the reader. To do this, we created some very simple Thinking Maps.

DSC08176DSC08177DSC08178 DSC08179

After recess, we talked about the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and other problems California and the United States had during the 1930’s. I shared some of the stories my parents had told me about growing up during this time. As we come into these more modern times in our state’s history, it is a great idea to share some of your family stories with the students to help make all this more real to them.

We had a great time in PE today. We are still using the tees for batting, but this time the students actually got to hit an untethered ball. They had a good time with that! In math, we looked at trying to figure the areas of L-shaped figures and other things which are not perfect rectangles.

Homework: (1) Do sentences for spelling words 1-10. (2) Write a paragraph summary of last week’s “Nachito’s Teaching” story. (3) Do the History study sheet. (4) Do “Irregular Areas,” Math pages 365-366. (5) Do the Division worksheet.

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