Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the Home Stretch

This is one of our last banked-time Tuesdays. I will not miss them when they are over; I would so much rather be with the students than sit through a faculty meeting….

It was definitely a quiet day in room 19. We had our independent reading, and then we went over homework. We read some more of “Matthew Henson,” though we are still not quite finished with the selection. We had our History Test. Some students finished before lunch, but others took the extra time I gave them after lunch.

Instead of our usual reading buddies, we had play buddies with the kindergarteners. After sitting quietly through the tests, they were ready to run around and have some fun.

Homework: (1) Do the spelling jumble.  (2) Write a long paragraph explaining how the Inuit survive in the harsh arctic conditions. Include Tree Map for prewriting. (3) Do the Double Digit Divisors worksheet. Be sure to do the check step, too. (4) Do “Ordering Integers,” envision Math pages 340-341.

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