Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soft … and Loud

It was a pretty quiet day - at first  - in room 19. We began with our journal writing, and then we did the vocabulary section of the Open Court unit test. Thanks to the crossword puzzle and the other review activities, the students did quite well. They then went on to work on revising, editing, and writing the final draft of the essay from the same test. This took longer than expected, and they worked on it after recess as well.

It was after lunch that things weren’t so quiet any more. They were fun! We are picking up our life science unit which has been on vacation for a while. We are starting on an “aquatic environments” investigation, and, as part of this, the students made aquariums. Picking out the fish was definitely the most fun part of this!


After we finished this, we went on to art. Today lesson was supposed to deal with shades of color and using tempera paint to achieve these gradations. I’m not sure we really did as much as that as I had hoped, but there were some very fine paintings done anyhow.



The end of an otherwise wonderful day was only marred by me losing my keys. Send up thoughts please for them turning up….

Homework:  (1) Do the quotations worksheet. Look at the examples carefully to find out what to do in each section. (2) Do Exploration 2 vocabulary. (3) Do the “Regrouping” and “Factors” worksheet. (4) Do pages 210-211 in the math book plus the enrichment activity on the back of the answer sheet.  

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