Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prime Time

This seemed like a even shorter shortened day! But I didn’t hear any students complaining….

We started off, as usual, checking, correcting, and discussing homework. Most of the students did well with the factoring, though a few still seemed confused by the concept. We then went on to start reading “Birth of a Baby Food” in the OCR anthology. We will finish that tomorrow.

Today was our first music class with Mr. Lawton. I intended to take some pictures here  to show you some of the fun things he did with the class, but somehow left the memory card in the computer. So you’ll have to wait for next week. But, if you are not familiar with Mr. Lawton’s program you can check his blog.

After recess we did math. Today we learned about prime and composite numbers (and hence the title of this post). Again, most of the students mastered this easily, but it would be helpful if parents gave a quick review of the math homework tonight to double check comprehension.

After recess, we finish watching the Charlie Brown video. The scripts came this afternoon, so we’ll do a read-through tomorrow and start casting soon.

We finished up with reading buddies as we usually do on Tuesday afternoons.

Homework:  (1) Do the spelling jumble. (2) Do “Prime and Composite Numbers” pages 180-181 and the “Pyramid” worksheet on the back. (3) Do Mr. Lawton’s lyric writing exercise.

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