Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain, Rain

Yeah, I know, into every life some rain must fall. But does it have to do it all in one week? What was bad about the drought, anyhow….

Despite the rain – and the very exciting rolls of thunder which accompanied it – we had a productive day in room 19. We discussed homework, of course, at the beginning of the day. Then we started to read and discuss the “Salt” story in Open Court.

We went to room 33 for music while it was still reasonably dry and Mr. Lawton had his usual energetic and engaging lesson with the students.


He concentrated on introducing ideas of rhythm and meter with the students today, and he did so by having them do a little footwork.


This was particularly apt teaching technique because the term meter actually refers to the dances that originally accompanied Greek dramatic poetry.

After we came back to the classroom, we finished reading “Salt” and the students pasted the post-it notes that they use to practice their reading strategies onto the appropriate page in their unit booklet. They worked on predicting, questioning, and visualizing today.

We watched part of The Witches during lunch. After lunch, we did math. We are starting on a plane geometry unit right now. We will still be reviewing division, and probably having another test on that at the beginning of next week.

Homework:  (1) Do the Unit 2 Spelling Review jumble. There will not be a regular spelling test this week. (2) Do Math pages 194-195. (3) Do the Division worksheet. (4) Do “Salt” study questions.

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