Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our Science adventures continued today with our students using acid! Well, just vinegar, but it is acid enough for them to begin to understand how geologists can use acids as well as the other techniques we have already practiced to identify particular minerals. In this case, the students were testing for the presence of calcite in basalt, marble, sandstone, and limestone.


We also read a selection from Because of Winn-Dixie in the reading book, worked on writing longer narratives, and reviewed sentences with compound predicates. We are studying the inverse relationship between multiplication and division, something which most of the students seemed to already have figured out pretty well. So, at least math should be pretty easy!

Homework:  (1) Write all spelling words twice in best cursive. Also write a sentence for words 8-14. (2) Do “Onomatopoeia,” page 63 and “Connotation,” page 64 in the Practice Book. (3) Do Island of the Blue Dolphins chapter 17 study questions. (4) Do the Three times One multiplication skill sheet. (5) Do “Relating Multiplication and Division,” pages 74-75 in the math book and “Just the Fact(ors)” on the back of the answer sheet.

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