Monday, September 10, 2012

Fast and Good

Today just rushed by, but it was so productive. We started off with work on descriptive writing and simple sentence with compound predicates. We reviewed long i patterns in spelling – that will be the bulk of this week’s spelling words – and looked at the vocabulary words for this week’s Treasures story, “The Astronaut and the Onion.”

We spent a good bit of time working on our books. Most of the students will have these on their desks tomorrow for Back to School Breakfast. These completed our work on our eight Thinking Maps. The students wrote an illustrate the books; I bound them; and for the most part they look great.

Our students went to Mr. Pratt for Social Studies today where they began work on Native California tribes and their environment.

During mixing time today, I worked with students from all four fourth grade classes on the inside dribble.


Homework:  (1) Do the cursive W and X papers. (2) Write a sentence for words 1-5 on this week’s spelling list. (3) Do “Long I,” page 46, “Vocabulary,” page 47, and “Character” page 48, all in the green Practice Book. (4) Read chapter 12 in Island of the Blue Dolphins and answer the study sheet questions. (5) Do the Two Times 1 worksheet. (6) Do “Meaning of Multiplication,” pages 57-59 and “Hurray Array” on the back of the answer sheet.

You can find most of the handouts for the week here.

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