Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to School

I hope everybody had a wonderful King Day weekend. It sure went by fast for the teacher!

Again, we had music with Mr.Lawton. He discussed rhythm with them today.

 In Science, we continued our work from Friday. The students observed the vials of material from the mock rocks and how the material had settled out of suspension.

They then poured it into an evaporating dish to see if some of the material is in solution - it is - and to discover what those materials are.

In more routine matters, we also discussed this week's vocabulary and took the spelling test that we didn't have time for on Friday.

Please review for the math test tomorrow!

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 1-6 five times each. Also write one sentence in cursive for each word. (2) Do "Vocabulary," page 181 and "Comprehension," page 182 in the Practice Book. (3) Do "Vocabulary Strategy," page 186 and "Text Feature," page 187, also in the Practice Book. (4) Do "Problem Solving," pages 214-215 and "Test Prep" pages 215-216 in the math book. (5) Do "Factors" 1 worksheet.

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