Friday, November 19, 2010

A Tearful Goodbye

Today was our final day in the library with our beloved librarian, Mrs. Koneff. Words fail me when I think of the pedagogical idiocy of this school system in disabling its school libraries, and the loss of such a fantastic person to our school is deeply tragic. Despite the loss of her position, Mrs. Koneff is a true professional, and our her last day she read us two really funny stories after we returned out books.

On a happier note, Andrew received his medal for completing the reading marathon. Way to go!

In math we learned the short way to do multiplication by two digits.

Homework:  Finish any unfinished work from our short day:

  • pages 216-219 in the Language book,
  • page 144-145 in the Math book, and
  • the two digit multiplication worksheet.

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