Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black History

We had our Black History Month assembly today. The first graders from Mr. McNeela’s room were so cute!

The second and third graders sang for us.

And the fifth graders in both rooms 13 and 15 did a variety of skits and songs to teach us about famous African Americans.

In the rest of the day, we checked, corrected, and discussed homework. We practiced the Prologue scene from Beauty and the Beast. We read and discussed a chapter form Charlotte Doyle. And we reviewed more with fractions and retook a math test. 

Homework:  (1) Do Charlotte Doyle chapter 19 study sheet. (2) Do Describing Words. Be sure to write a sentence on the back using the chosen words. (3) Do More Fraction Practice 4. (4) Do Make and Test Generalizations. (5) Do Test Prep paper. 

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