Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Busy and Productive

Today we had theater class. Mr Pratt worked on the tableaux that the student started last week. But this time they learned to add some dialogue to their staging of classic fairy tales. Here is one group doing a bit of Snow White. The evil queen is asking, “Who is the fairest of the all?” while the smart alec mirror replies, “Snow White. You’re ugly!"


After theater, we came back to class and read a couple chapters of Holes. The students learn the concept of dramatic irony today from our reading. It’s amazing how much more they learn from real literature than from basal readers! 

We continued our work on rhythm. The students first learned to hear and feel rhythm in words in their food chants. They then learned how to express that rhythm with body percussion. Today we added unhitched percussion and encouraged them to be able to reproduce the rhythm without the words. We practice outside because otherwise the noise would have been way too much!


During the Science/Social Studies block, our fifth graders did research on a legend or myth of the North American tribe they are researching. They will learn this by heart over the next week or so and then tell the story from memory to the class. The fourth graders had less fun - they took a test.


In the afternoon, our physical education period was cut short by a lock down drill. The students were left a little restless for the afternoon and the teacher a trifle irritable as well. Nevertheless, we had our third Hands-on Equations lesson and I am pleased to say they are now learning to not only simplify by subtracting variables but also numeric values. I’m not sure I did that until eighth grade!

Homework:  (1) Do the Holes study guide. (2) Do the Pronunciation Key and Alphabetical Order skills sheets. (3) Do the (very easy) division practice sheet. 

To all of you who celebrate the holiday, l’shana tovah! For everybody, enjoy the day off and see you Friday!

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