Thursday, February 14, 2013

California Science Center

Today was our field trip to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.


We started out by watching the Blue Planet film in the IMAX Theater. It is one of the first IMAX films, but it is still impressive enough.

After we finished watching the film, the students were divided into five groups each with one or more parent leaders. The parents walked through all the exhibits with the students. Probably because it was Valentine’s Day, it was the emptiest – and most pleasant – I have ever seen the Science Center. The students seemed to focus more than usual on some of the many fantastic exhibits.




The highlight was going to see the space shuttle. I was not planning to be particularly impressed, but as Huell Howser would have said, “Golly, it sure is big!”


It was really interesting to see the heat tiles on the side which show the impact of traveling through the atmosphere.


The students have the trip an enthusiastic two thumbs up!


Homework:   Do the fraction worksheet. The word search is optional.

A BIG, BIG thanks to Violet’s mom and grandfather, Jake’s grandmother, Ryan’s dad, Drew’s mom, Alexandra’s mom, and Angel’s mom for chaperoning our field trip today. I could not possibly have survived today without you!!!

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