Thursday, March 01, 2012

In Like a Lamb

We had a gentle beginning of the month both in weather and in our classroom climate. I’m pretty sure that both will continue to be great!

Other than orchestra being cancelled, it was a pretty normal Thursday. We started a writing project today and the first step in that was to tell the story visually – pictures, no words. We will be finishing that tomorrow and starting on the writing portion of it.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 16-20 five times each in cursive. Write one original sentence for each word. (2) Answer the “Critical Thinking” questions on page 527 of the hardcover Treasures book. Be sure to answer thoughtfully and in complete sentences. This will be collected and graded. (3) Do “Choosing Correct Meanings” worksheet. (4) Do “Equal or Unequal?” on pages 318-319 of the math book. Also do “Connection Detection” on the back of the answer sheet. (5) Do “Fractions 4” review sheet.

The word search is an optional review for the spelling test.

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