Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Today we did only a few things, but I think we did them well. We read chapter six of A Wrinkle in Time.  This is often a middle school book, but our students are doing amazing well with it and having a good time reading it, too. In this chapter, the three children arrive on the planet Camazotz to find Meg and Charles' father. This planet, which is under the control of the dark power, is both familiar and quite strange.... We also practiced some key scenes and a song from Oliver! We had a "free play" PE so that Mrs. Caruso could help perfect the "I'd Do Anything for You" choreography. In math, since we are finished with the textbook, we are working on the Hands-On Equations program. It's an exciting way to teach Algebra, and it is astounding to see the children solve equations I never encountered until eighth grade!

Homework:  (1) Do summary for chapter six of A Wrinkle in Time. Use a topic sentence such as “In chapter six the three children go to the planet Camazotz to find father.” Be sure to use sequence words like then, next, after, finally, first, last, etc. This should be at least ¾ of a page. (2) Also, do the “Multiplying Fractions” worksheets. Be sure to simplify to lowest terms.

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