Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tree Houses

Today was the first day of the CST Mathematics Test. It seemed to go pretty well, though as always I studiously avoided looking at the test or how the students were doing on the test. All I would notice would be the wrong answers and it would drive me crazy.

We did another Science experiment today, or rather, we started one. We took the vinegar solution from the four rock samples we had worked on yesterday and poured them into small plastic lids to dry. Once they're dry, the students will examine the crystals which are left. More on that as it happens....

In the afternoon, we had some "free choice" activities in Physical Education and we did some art. Our lesson today in art dealt with "formal balance." This is an art term which refers to symmetrical or almost symmetrical shapes. Architecture is good for studying this, and the students drew their ideal tree house. The irregularities of the tree insured that the symmetry would not be perfect, but there would still be similar shapes and weights on both sides. Some of the work the students did, as you can see, were just wonderful.

Homework: None today! Have a great day!

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