Friday, April 08, 2011

A Bully Day

I am not sure that the English refer to something wonderful as "bully" anymore, but it was in that old-fashioned kind of sense a bully day. It was a bully day for another reason, too, but I'll get to that in a moment.

We began by checking, correcting, and discussing our homework as we usually do. The other day I had a meeting with the other third and fourth grade teachers here, and most of them were complaining about how they have so many students who either do not do homework or else do it poorly. I had to make them jealous by telling about how great our room 19 students are at this! We went on to take the usual spelling and reading tests. These should be graded and on the gradebook quite soon.  We then began to start the required Quarter 3 math test. This one is not really fair because it asks them about things that they will not study for a little while. So I gave them some help here; not the answers, mind you, but I helped them visualize the problems better so that they could think them through and find the answers themselves.

In the afternoon we had a very useful assembly on bullying from a woman from the district. She was good and really held their interest.

In the remaining part of the day, we had a short, and pretty easy, math lesson. Most all of them finished it during class or right after so I don't think there is really any homework this weekend. Enjoy!

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