Friday, February 05, 2010


Despite the rain, we had a most productive day - as usual. After our journal time, we went to the library where Mrs. Koneff discussed the upcoming author's visit by Hanoch Piven. Mr. Piven is known for his art work which uses objects to make pictures of people. Mrs. Koneff showed the students examples of Mr. Piven's work, and then showed them a self-portrait in the same style.


The students will be invited to apply for the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Mr. Piven next month.

After library, we went over to the auditorium for our first CDI session. Our leaders, Rebecca Wink and Liz Jemielita led the students through some warmups and then showed them a film about the origins of National Dance Institute. CDI, the California Dance Institute, is a part of this program.

Having a live musician, instead of using taped music, is a hallmark of the CDI program. Our pianist this year, Sam, is also a quite capable drummer, too. What a treat to have the students work with a professional musician!

CDI is a very high energy dance class. The students generally work in unison groups on the same moves at the same time. This lessens the possibility for embarrassment. As you can see, it's fun!

That was definitely the high point of the day. The rest of the day was far more routine. We checked and discussed homework. We took our spelling test. We studied fractions a little more.

By one thirty, after no recess or lunch, I was pretty tired of hearing their voices, so I passed out homework early and ran a study hall. As a result, many of the students may be finished with more than one of the assignments below.

Homework: (1) Do the Flow Map of "Great Moments in Medicine". Be sure to put events in order and do a good picture of each event in colored pencil. (2) Do the review questions on page 225 of the California history book. Students only need to do numbers 1-9 but they should copy the questions. (3) Do "Fractions and Division," envision Math pages 228-229. (4) Do the "Triple Play" multiplication practice sheet.

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