Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good Story (at last)

Occasionally there are some good stories in the Treasures series. Today was just that kind of day. We read Elizabeth Friedrich’s lovely story "Leah’s Pony.” Set during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, this beautifully written tale tells the story of a young girl who must sell her beloved horse to help save her family’s farm. 


In Science we finished up investigation 4. The students look at eight rocks and minerals investigating them for two new properties, cleavage and magnetism. Here one of the students discovered just how magnetic one of the rocks is!


We took our math tests today over topics 17 and 18, and the corrected tests are already on the grade book. We are also starting on the second plane geometry unit of the year. 

Remember, tomorrow is our field trip to LACMA. Sorry for the short notice, but our dates were abruptly changed on us. If you can walk with us, great. But we probably have enough volunteers from room 16 already. Remember to pack lunch for your child for tomorrow.

Homework:  (1) Write a summary of “Leah’s Pony.” This should be half a page or longer. Also copy and answer the questions on page 697 of the Treasures book. (2) Do Identifying minerals questions. This will be due Friday. (3) Do the social studies questions. This also will be due Friday. There will also be a test over chapter 6 in the History book on Friday. (4) Do the Factors review sheet. (5) Do “Congruent Figures,” page 438-439 in the math book. 

  Do Identifying minerals questions. Also give them the social studies questions. These will be due Friday

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