Monday, March 17, 2014

Blog's Back

It’s been a couple tough weeks for this teacher. I was out for several days, and really intensely sick for a couple of them. Just coming back to school has been really tiring. 

We’ve been doing some cool stuff in Science. Students have been learning about calcite or calcium carbonate. This is a common rock forming mineral. They learned that one of the properties of calcite is that it reacts to acid by releasing carbon dioxide from the rock. Real geologists use hydrochloric acid to test for calcite, but we settled for a much weaker acid, white vinegar.

The students watched as some rocks fizzed and as others did nothing. This help them determine which ones were rocks containing calcite and which ones were not. But they needed to be more certain. The students then poured some of the vinegar solution into an evaporating dish so that after a couple days they could compare the crystals - if any, to those of calcite.

We did those things last Thursday and Friday. Today we did examined the crystals in the evaporating dishes. 


Homework:  (1) Do spelling words 1-5. The words are easy this week. We have no Treasures story this week, so I just grabbed and recycled a list from when I taught third grade. (2) Do the Calcite Quest on the back of the Science sheet. (3) Do the social studies worksheets. (4) Do the Area and Perimeter Review and the What’s X? work sheet. (5) Do pages 418-419 in the math book. 

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