Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reading Through

We had a great day today in room 19. We started out in Tech Center. The students were quite jazzed because half of the iMacs in the Tech Center had been replaced with new computers thanks to Friends of Third. We were the first class to use them! The students worked a little more on their surveys using both Word and Excel. Back in the classroom, we went over Friday’s math homework. We talked about the reasons for the y to i spelling change - that’s this week’s spelling pattern. We went over this week’s vocabulary and read a short selection from Treasures.

After recess, Mr. Pratt stopped by to have the students do a first read-through of Annie


We worked on math after lunch and then had “play buddies” with a kindergarten friends to end the day.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 1-7 ten times each in cursive and do a sentence for each one. (2) Do pages 204-206 in the Practice book. (3) Do “Decimals to Fractions 1”. (4) Do pages 303-304 in the math book on adding and subtracting decimals. 

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