Friday, August 16, 2013

Feed the Sharks

We had another great day today. It was an awesome end of the first week of school!

We’re starting to establish our routines. The students came in, turned in some of their homework, and they began to quietly work on distinguishing declarative and interrogative sentences. We looked at the Flow Map, and the students wrote about their “Perfect Day.” We discussed and corrected our history homework, and we talked about latitude and longitude and the difference between relative position and absolute position.

After recess, we went over our math homework. We talked about why zeroes are important even though zero is not a number, and the students practiced noticing zeroes as they compared numbers. As obvious as this may be to adults, it can confuse children. Fortunately, few if any of our room nineteen students seemed confused by it!

After lunch, we took our first math quiz. Results are on the gradebook. You will receive you login information for the gradebook at the meeting on Tuesday. Another reason to come! Then we went on to art.

We use the SRA Art Connections series in fourth grade at Third Street. It sequentially teaches the students about all the elements of art – line, shape, color, texture, etc. – as it leads them through some good exercises. Our first project dealt with line. We talked about the different types of lines:  horizontal, vertical, diagonal, straight, curved, zigzag, thick, thin, and broken. The students were challenged to create a poster using a many of these kinds of lines as possible. We did this in pencil, and then used sharpies and watercolors. Some of the results were excellent and sincere.



Others were also excellent, but showed that our room nineteen students have a wicked sense of humor!


Homework:  (1) Do the Latitude and Longitude worksheet. (2) Do pages 14-15 in the math book.

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