Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Washers and Spacers

It was a pretty ordinary Wednesday. We checked, corrected, and discussed homework. We read a selection from the Treasures reader about coral reefs. We went to Tech Center where the students finished working on their “podcasts.”

After recess, we continued our discussion of magnetism. The students learned yesterday about how opposite poles attract. Today we did an experiment to measure how much other objects can weaken that force of attraction. The students had a balance with two cups in it. One cup also had a magnet in it; this one sat on a plastic pole with another magnet. In the other cup the students placed washers until the force of magnetism broke.


They then began putting spacers – they look like small poker chips – in between the two magnets to determine what would weaken the magnetic force. They graphed the results.


We did more work on coordinate graphing and we ended the day with play practice.

Homework:  (1) Do spelling words 11-20. (2) Do “Hyperbole” page 295 and “Description” page 296 in the Practice Book. (3) Do By the Great Horn Spoon! chapter 3. (4) Do  Math “Length of Line Segments” pages 408-409 in the Math book. (5) Do the Measurement worksheet.

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