Friday, February 03, 2012

A “Gem” of a Day

As usual, we started the day correcting our homework. We went to the library. We took our spelling test. The students bubbled their answers for the Literacy Periodic Assessment onto the Scantron forms and they took their fractions quiz. The results of that are on the gradebook; the spelling test will be there shortly.

After recess, we worked discussed birthstones. William brought in a set of these gems for all of us took look at. The students then planned advertisements for their own birthstones using all the techniques we have studies about persuasive writing. Here is an example from room 18; I did this project with them during the Science block last week. 


Most of the students will be finishing this assignment over the weekend.

After lunch, we did math and we switched for our mixing activities. We ended the day with the Reflections awards assembly on the yard.

Homework:  (1) Finish the gem advertisement. (2) Do “Subtracting Fractions,” pages 258-259 in the math book. (3) Do the second draft of the teamwork story. We started this story on Monday and worked on it in small groups yesterday.

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